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Power generation and storage at the launch site is challenge. Developing a site with adequate infrastructure to generate the energy at a high altitude site is difficult. Generating 100 GW class of power and delivering for several minutes at a low price is achievable with the currently available technology. Natural gas fired power plants can generate this power easily at a price of less than $0.1 per KWH. This power need to be delivered and stored. Currently battery and ultra capacitor technology is sufficient to store this energy for a relatively low cost.

Jan 05, 2017 02:45 Breakthrough Initiatives Posted on: Breakthrough Initiatives

"Dec 18, 2016 16:14 Posted on: Centauri Dreams
"If I get this right, isn't the magnitude of the power requirement about the same as Dr Gerald P Jackson envisages for his antimatter factory (~40GW)? Maybe there is more than one use for a facility like this."
Yes it could aid an antimatter factory, it could also be used for asteroid defence, if we accelerate a sail say with a deuterium package at high enough velocity it will undergo fusion and release a large amount of energy on impact. It could also much later be used to send out materials that could be used in a pellet runway system to supply a much larger probe/ship with fuel without it having to carry it."

Thanks for your help. We agree that after these facilities are developed there will be several spin offs and other ancillary activities associated with this effort.

- Pete Klupar, Breakthrough Starshot

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